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Awaken Sensuality for Confidence,

Body Connection and Pleasure.


"We live in our heads totally numb to what our bodies are screaming at us."

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Do you want to finally be incredibly confident and radiating with passion?

I am here to show you how it's done!

I am Tanja, sensual wholeness coach, reiki master (energy work) and pole instructor. I am here to create magic for you!  

My work is perfect for you if:

  • You feel physically & emotionally drained

  • You lack confidence and feel lonely

  • You are low on intimacy and passion

  • You feel stuck, objectified, stressed, tired, ashamed


It is time to bring back the balance you need in oder to be successful in all areas of your life!

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My Sensual Coaching Guarantee:

If you complete my program and you do not feel confident enough to embrace your full feminine power I will coach you for an extra month


Become empowered, live an abundant life & embrace your feminine powers in all aspects of your life.



Imagine you have a thriving business and found the job that you love, you are getting up every day with a smile on your face ready to make love to the day. You are a radiating, confident and trusting woman. Not afraid of claiming what she wants and being vulnerable with the people she surrounds herself with. You feel seen, appreciated, loved and accomplished in all areas of your life. JOB, RELATIONSHIP, LIFE

What would it take for you to live in this reality?

You know that your current reality is not the life you want to keep agreeing to and you know that you have been brought here to experience more

> creative freedom

> unshakeable confidence

> deep pleasure

Your future self is deserving of more than you have right now. What are you waiting for?

  • More peace within your mind

  • A nourishing connecting with your feminine essence
  • Going beyond your limiting beliefs, stepping into your zone of genius

  • You are so ready for a safe and supporting community!

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