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"We live in our heads totally numb to what our bodies are screaming at us."

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I'm Tanja, feminine abundance mentor, mindset-coach, reiki master and pole instructor and I love helping women to unravel their most challenging relationship and confidence issues.


From what to do when your partner doesn't live up to your expectations or overcoming body image issues or resolving inner conflict with your job, self-image and health and environment. Let's face it - we women have way too much on our plates, juggling careers as well as family life. Are you ready for a bit more balance in your life?

When you feel your best, the world is your playground- that many people struggle to experience. I want everyone to live a life full of confidence and radiance, powered by their feminine sensuality.

If you feel like you're missing something, I'm here to help!

My goal is to support and inspire women in order to be able to hold passion and intimacy within themselves, to become a lover of life, and the queen of their own universe.

You deserve it!

Let's get it right so you can show up stronger, happier and more capable in all areas of your life!


boho wellbeing

Energies are shifting. And good things happen from that!

In order to be successful, you need to be balanced in all areas.

Too often when we are lacking confidence, or feel like we aren't whole and in a sense of aliveness- we turn to self sabotage. If you drink too much, if you overeat, if you choose the wrong partners and friends- it can all start from feelings of low self esteem and lack of being comfortable in your own skin. Especially when you are sensitive and empathetic! Imagine what would happen if you turned towards yourself with love and compassion - imagine if you took care of yourself instead of pushing love away? Imagine what would happen if you actually listened to your own needs?

I'm here to give you the power to create the happy, confident, juicy and fulfilling life that you deserve to live. When I began working with my clients, I discovered that a lot of them were scared of what will happen if they let go of their fears of not being 'enough'. So many people waste their lives on self-doubt, shame and guilt.

Through my own journey of fear, shame, and self-doubt I found my calling - committing to helping ambitious women connect with themselves more deeply in order to live from their heart's desires and create the life they truly desire and that turns them on!


These 4 pillars of growth & identity will allow you to create

the life, business and self-esteem that you love.

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Having worked with a multitude of women over the course of the last 2 years I came to recognize that working on a solution leads to nothing if you do not take your whole being into account!

In my work I am not trying to "fix" you or to change your whole entire being. I want to bring you closer to your essence - to your strong identity that you have already within you - stripping away the limitations and beliefs in all areas so that you can be this thriving human being that masters her life in ease & flow!


5-Day Self Love Challenge

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In this 5-day video course you will learn:

> how to overcome stress to live in ease and in tune with      your body & needs

> how to let go of of playing small, take a rest and

   acknowledge your accomplishments

> gently go out of your comfort zone to find the love,

   success, easiness and creativity you want


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